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Home » The different ways in which technology can benefit older adults and their caregivers – Explains Hani Zeini

The different ways in which technology can benefit older adults and their caregivers – Explains Hani Zeini

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Hani Zeini

Technology has evolved in the past few decades, helping older adults. From Man’s landing on the lunar to the dramatic medical advances, the Internet has transformed modern society into a technologically-driven community. Seniors bear witness to the different ways in which technology is altering the face of aging. It is indicative of taking note of the numerous tech solutions essential for keeping older adults healthy, secure, and socially connected. It has also played a significant role in making caregiving activities effortless for family members. These tech solutions are stressed by Hani Zeini, who makes every possible effort to draw the attention of readers to how technology has brought about positive changes in the lives of the older generation.

Take a look at the following points as deciphered by Hani Zeini

You may explore the benefits of technology for senior adults:

  • Stay socially connected: Social media and video chats help keep the seniors in close contact with their long-distance loved ones. Recent survey reports reveal intriguing results related to social engagement and its priority in aging people’s lives. According to Hani Zeini, it discloses that social agreement is crucial for maintaining a healthy body’s genetics. They also acknowledge that technology cannot fully take the place of human beings. Simultaneously, Internet-based communications via social media and emails may supplement the social interaction of the elderly when visits from friends and family members are limited. Moreover, they may even get in touch with local senior centers for their routine health check-ups and other medical appointments.
  • Safety of the seniors: Recent surveys also reveal that around 80% of seniors do not like leaving their homes. The comfort of the household is the primary reason behind this. Various technological solutions may keep them engaged in their homes while ensuring their safety. For those individuals who live alone, a personal emergency response system or PRS is highly essential. It is the device that allows its users to call for assistance when required with the simple push of a single switch.

Safety Of The Seniors

It ensures peace of mind for both the seniors as well as their families. Safety is a paramount concern for individuals who suffer from memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. The progressive disorder, which takes a severe turn with time, could lead the person to wander, which may threaten their security. There are various GPS tracking devices available to monitor their location efficiently and thereby send alerts to their caregivers.

  • Exercise: Various assisting living communities and nursing homes have stressed activity and recreational benefits for their elderly patients. Even those individuals staying at home may benefit from developing a regular physical exercise habit. If the caregiver makes efforts to devise different kinds of the game. It will promote overall health and mental well-being. There are various mental exercises that the seniors may try to promote cognitive functioning.

It comes without saying that technology has an integral relationship with the well-being of seniors and their caregivers. All you need to do is pay careful attention while incorporating technology for taking care of the elderly.

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