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How the development of digital health helps pregnant women by Hani Zeini

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Hani Zeini

With technological innovations, new methods get explored, enabling patients to better health status. Many individuals employ activity applications and other technical tools on their smartphones to monitor their weight changes and keep track of their progress. There is a reduction in errors, which may be the result of human negligence. It is cost-effective because of the remote monitoring of different health concerns and efficiency in health management. Hence, Hani Zeini makes efforts to draw readers’ attention towards the digital platform and its interrelation with pregnant women’s health conditions.

Pregnancy involves various behavioral and bodily changes, and there are higher risks for some individuals. It is here that digital tools are an affordable and more tolerant option promoting the health and wellbeing of gestating mothers. In recent times, there is an improvement in the field of creating digital equipment that is specific for pregnant women.

Hani Zeini explains the various benefits of technology for expecting mothers

You must understand how technology helps pregnant women:

  • Baby applications – There is various mobile app software used by millions of individuals. The plethora of applications monitors the development of the fetus through the full term of pregnancy. It provides users with informative content and also the due delivery date. Moreover, these apps have videos, weekly and daily tips, and other related tips for pregnant mothers. It also provides the expecting mother with an opportunity to share their experiences by using the chat option.
  • Bloom life – Various health companies deal with prenatal care for gestating mothers. It observes the intensity of contractions and thereby creates a history of alteration throughout the term of pregnancy. According to Hani Zeini, they record the heartbeat of the fetus and track every movement. There are wearable devices in which they incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide results.
  • Digital scripts – It is a digital instrument presently used by various clinics all across the world. Following which she receives a mobile application and kit by mail. The app provides for different kinds of tasks and a regular schedule tailored to the mother’s needs. It helps guide their exercise, nutrition, and other pregnancy-related queries. It also becomes connected with a device that measures weight and blood pressure and stores the data for future use.

Technology In Healthcare Services

The inculcation of technology in healthcare services for pregnant women’s benefit has positive implications for the latter. This industry aims to provide inclusive and comprehensive fertility benefits. There are a lot of variations in the type of technical assistance available for gestating women. Smart wearable technologies provide medical guidance regarding medicines and the routine life of pregnant women. Technology benefits need reasonable evaluation. However, you can use technology to benefit expecting mothers after careful evaluation.

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