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Hani Zeini Talks about Using Technology to Fight the Corona Pandemic

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Did you see the Hollywood movie talks Contagion? The 2011 film now seems like pandemic foreseen, showing ghost towns. Mass quarantines, long queues, scarcity of food, and death tolls, due to a virus eruption. Fortunately, these days we have the blessings of technology to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advanced and efficient technology will help us brave the pandemic and overcome the challenges for a better tomorrow. Read on to learn how technology can help you fight the corona crisis.

Hani Zeini talks about Satellite observation

ESA’s Sentinel-1 as well as Zhuhai-1, which is a hyperspectral satellite, helps in the continuous monitoring of the construction of makeshift hospitals in China. When it comes to Wuhan University, it collated and assessed numerous sources of data.

. With the perfect combination of TFSTAR data processing. Ability and geo-coding, COVID-19 visualization was developed so that people could get to see the geographical reach of the coronavirus. Hani Zeini cites that it will help people to maintain an active distance between them and an infected person.


In places, where the virus did spread rapidly, where people were vulnerable to the infection, drones came to theirassistance. The drones were moving patient samples and medical items to accelerate the delivery speed and save time. It also helps in the prevention of infectivity of medical equipment and samples.

Did you know that these drones are spraying disinfectants on agricultural lands in the countryside? Drones also come with facial identification features to broadcast warnings. To the people so that they do not step out of their houses as well as a scold. Them for not using masks, which is necessary during the corona lockdown.

Apps and health sensors

The government of China collaborated with tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba to build a color-ciphered health rating mechanism to track numerous people every day. It is a smartphone app assigning three colors to individuals, yellow, red, and green, depending on their medical and travel records. It will help in detecting people who contract the COVID-19 infection. Again, Tencent developed an identical application.

Whether an individual would be allowed to walk-in, public or quarantined was determined by the color code. Green means safe, which implies people can travel in the metro, commute to their offices, and move in public areas. Red means a person is infected and should be in quarantine.


Therefore, you see how technology is doing wonders to combat the corona menace. Whether it is hospital monitoring, movement of medical supplies or the use of apps and sensors Technology is playing a crucial role amid the pandemic.

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