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Hani Zeini sheds light on the use of Biometric Authentication in the world of business

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Hani Zeini

The use of technology to identify a person based on his biological. Aspect is called biometric technology. It recognizes and also calculates human characteristics to access control and identify the individual, says Hani Zeini. This kind of technology has high-security, and employees cannot transfer it from one person to another. The use of biometrics is rapidly increasing due to its convenience and security. 

Fingerprints, facial patterns, and other kinds of biological identification are used in multimedia phones. These days and also has become an essential feature to keep the data protected on smartphones. Biometric verification is used by people in everyday life. From a scanner at the airport to unlocking your Smartphone multiple times a day. Biometrics is spreading wide, faster than people can imagine, making life more convenient, straightforward, and secure.

Here are a few ways in which biometric technology can be beneficial to business firms, suggests Hani Zeini

Management of the workforce

Many business firms use biometric technology to secure the data of the workforce. There are several applications to track the details of the labor force. The demographic data of various employees must stay related to their skills.

Attendance and optimum utilization of time

Business owners struggle to utilize the productivity of their employees. Many firms use biometric technology to record the attendance and working hours of their employees. Identifying employees’ unique fingerprint or face recognition makes sure that the employees are not providing attendance for one another, thereby preventing theft. The use of a manual journal for maintaining attendance and also calculating the working hours is no more a requirement with the advent of the biometric time clock, says Hani Zeini.

Identifying customer’s behavior

Every organization wishes to offer the best product and services to the customers, thereby satisfying them and also maintaining customer loyalty. For this purpose, business firms require accurate information about the customer, his behavior, and previous records. Therefore companies are making use of biometric technology to identify the behavior and needs of every customer. 

Identifying medical information of the patient

Medical and Health Care facilities use biometrics for patient identification and easy access to their medical information. Biometric inputs prevent the theft of medical records and keep the personal data of the patient secure. It also helps save lives with its convenience in such a fast-paced place, therefore doctors can provide better treatment.

Security of banks and other financial institutions

Biometric technology identifies account holders and makes transactions convenient and secure for banks and also other financial institutions. It enables account holders to keep their money safe in banks since it is easy to operate and difficult to violate. It prevents theft and forgery of accounts. With the ease of biometrics, it’s presence is rapidly increasing in the world of business. 

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