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Hani Zeini on the Implications of Coronavirus on the Business Sector

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Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini with the COVID-19 pandemic reverberating in every corner of the globe, the world has turned upside down. This crisis has destroyed livelihoods, taken lives, and also changed almost everything. How people communicate with each other and the world. Fear has risen from the darkness and swiftly proliferated the entire world. The proof of this outbreak is upon us already, shaking our political, economic, and social gears as never before. This virus has paralyzed our professional and personal life and also transformed the contours. Today’s internet has become our new meeting room. Breaks in the office have become history, and home has become our new office.

Hani Zeini on the Devastating Effects of Coronavirus

The effect of COVID-19 has been felt all across the business sector worldwide. Leaders have been navigating different interrelated issues. which span from considering the safety of customers and also employees. Reorienting operations, navigating government support programs. That is complicated, and shoring-up cash. Every major industry across the world has presently fallen prey to the devastating impacts of the virus. From marketing to manufacturing, this year has witnessed shifts. In the manner in which organizations and businesses operate during the wake of this deadly virus.

Fall in Revenue

Businesses and also companies have experienced major hits during the beginning of the year following this deadly virus’s rapid spreading. Results have shown how there has been a fall in revenue due to the outbreak’s direct impact. This significant fall in revenue had a trickle-down impact on the global economy. With organizations struggling to adjust their business strategies in preparation for the economic downturn.

A Shift in Remote Work

Following government restrictions and shutdown of services, most businesses and also companies. Have shifted focus to remote working to ensure that the virus does not spread in the company. And continue its usual operations. Rather than training people regarding work from home and encouraging for that continued winning momentum.

What Will Stay

According to Hani Zeini, certain things are likely to stay, such as frugality, social anxiety, physical distancing, remote working, face masks, social anxiety, and also new personal hygiene habits.

Wake-up Call

Digital working methods, order management, supply chain management, and also business continuity will help a great deal in business recovery. The COVID-19 outbreak has proven how a man can adapt and innovate with all existing technologies rightly to survive. The novel coronavirus outbreak has given us a wake-up call to prevent taking anything for granted.

The novel coronavirus has significantly affected how companies and businesses operate in different industries. As per surveys and also researches, it is evident how executives are creating new strategies. For preparing for the upcoming post-coronavirus world. As per the change in consumer demand, several businesses are likely to develop viable business plans. By incorporating proper cash flow strategies and the requisite investment.

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