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Hani Zeini explains the interrelation between air pollution and technology

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Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini says air pollution is a pressing problem which the planet is facing in real-time. It has resulted in detrimental consequences on the population, environment, and also wildlife. International establishments believe that air pollution is the single most vital environmental risk created by humankind. Geographical territories are not bound by air pollution. When individuals live in a polluted city, it reduces their life expectancy by a few years.

 The leading causes of air pollution are vehicular emission, industrialization, and also construction. There are various natural causes including forest fires and volcanic eruptions that increase air pollution. The effect of air pollution on humankind and also the numerous ways in which people may use technology to combat this problem needs more research.

The different ways in which technology may help in combating air pollution as stated by Hani Zeini

You must use technology to limit air pollution.

  • Public health data: Governments all across the world play a significant role in public health. Using the data on air quality, bureaucrats may pinpoint the sources and also hotspots of air pollution. They may take essential steps to improve the quality of air, which leads to an improvement in people’s health.
  • Governance data: Technology has enabled individuals to get hold of data on governance. By trying to understand the effectiveness and also the efficiency of policy decisions, you will appreciate the bigger picture. With the help of evidence from recent history.
  • Data about decision making: For those parents who are cautious about their kids’ exposure to harmful air; data about individual decision making is imperative. According to Hani Zeinithese sorts of data may enhance personal productivity and also health.
  • Better business data: These days, granular air quality information or data is available on digital platforms. According to Hani Zeini, this data has enabled people to predict weather conditions and also plan their activities. Airlines and airports may use this data for rescheduling their flights, thereby avoiding any cascading delay. Chemists and also pharmacies may predict the innovation of certain medicines to improve their supply chain.

In addition to this, data on electronic devices like air purifiers are also necessary. It will enable you to ensure that the quality of air improves with these devices. When you use concrete data for making important decisions, it will automatically ensure you improve the air quality around you.

Technology has enabled human beings to get in touch with reliable information and also data from various sources.

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