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Hani Zeini cites examples to show how technology has changed our lives forever

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Hani Zeini

The advancement of technology impacted business and also commercial activities. As transactional processes transformed drastically, resulting in the streamlining of business operations. Which prompted changes in the ways people interact with businesses. A typical example is the introduction of automated teller machines or ATMs, which dramatically shifted the banking systems and impacted access to cash. Similarly, the introduction of e-commerce trade has compelled people to adopt new technologies and embrace online shopping from the comforts of their home with more options and choices, observes Hani Zeini. Technology has fused with our lives so much that we are completely dependent on it for our daily living.

How technology has infiltrated our daily lives and also impacted lifestyles will become clear from the following examples.

Devices control our lives, observes Hani Zeini.

It will not be wrong to say that our lives are device-driven because of almost every activity. From making travel plans, booking flights, and also hotels to buying insurance. Everything happens by clicking your PC or tapping your smartphone. Our lives are now evolving around devices that are now the starting point of everyday activities. Your to-do lists are now saved in your phone, and the alarm wakes you up in the morning besides. Reminding you of your important activities throughout the day.  It is now impossible to think about living without technological aids, feels Hani Zeini.


Perhaps the biggest impact of technology is seen in the banking sector. That has enabled banks to become global entities by bringing down borders. It is now possible to transact across the globe while sitting. At your home by using the online banking systems that allow sharing data. And also information at lightning speed and in the most secure way. Most importantly, the technological impact. Has given easier access to money as you can withdraw cash from ATMs or transfer funds between your bank accounts just at the click of a mouse.

Digital Assistants

It goes without saying that a normal person should not need any assistance to perform their routine tasks. This is what we have learned while growing up. This understanding has undergone a sea change courtesy of the advancement of technology. That resulted in the introduction of digital assistants like Google Now, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortona, and Amazon’s  Alexa that have become household names today. To relieve people of any stress of remembering their tasks, the Digital Assistants. Remind them about their daily schedules and also assist in many other activities. Like conducting web searches to controlling home utilities like operating the air conditioning system remotely or opening the door.  Digital Assistants can even help you to enjoy digital entertainment. In the way, you want by switching it on at the desired time.

All technologies aimed at helping us in our daily lives make extensive use of artificial intelligence or AI that has now become all-encompassing.  The technology can track human behavior very closely to understand needs. And expectations and also this learning can then create opportunities while helping to make the best use of it to ensure a more satisfying life.

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