Hani Zeini is a true entrepreneur with an immense amount of expertise in the field of finance. Hebelieves that finance is a wonderful place for emerging business leaders to start, and is a passionate mentor for those interested in the field.

The Hani Zeini Scholarship is intended for studentsworking towards a career in finance. Mr. Zeini has also specifically designedfor students with financial needs, as he hopes to remove the many barriers in seeking a higher education.

Hani Zeini is seasoned executive with almost 32 years of industry experience across several fruitful  enterprises, with a particular expertise and interest in business capital devices.

Mr. Zeini’s work has spanned across many different business partnership, as well as the establishment of his own business capital organization, which is growing rapidly,raising a tremendous capital of $86 million by 2007Mr. Zeini is credited as a pioneer in his field. He played an integral role intrading a finance/innovation organization which was gained 8 times its original value following Mr. Zeinis involvement. Following this achievement, Mr. Zeini set out to change the landscape of the financial sector, using his visionary leadership to do so. Mr. Zeini effectively managed an 18% market gain over a period of 2 years following the regulatory approval of his business, which he then took public with an extremely high ranking on the NASDAQ Global Select Exchange.

In 2016, Mr. Zeini stepped down from his role at the organization he established. With the expertise he had acquired over the years, Mr. Zeini built up a chief boutique consulting firm that was locked in by top industry fortune 200 goliaths and private value firms.

Mr. Zeini is actively involved in numerous investments, as well as in mentorship roles for aspiring entrepreneurs. Mr. Zeini has also worked on a number of non-profit boards, using his savvy business knowledge to improve research and education related organizations.

The Hani Zeini Scholarship is intended for students who are similarly passionate about finance and business, and who also have a demonstrated financial need.