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The Hani Zeini Grant

Hani Zeini is the Founder and Chairman of Elissar Advisors.


The Hani Zeini Grant is a $1000 grant established by Hani Zeini, an esteemed entrepreneur in the Medical Devices and Aesthetics Medicine industry, dedicated to supporting U.S.-based students. This grant embodies Zeini’s deep commitment to education and entrepreneurship, influenced by his own educational journey and extensive career.

Zeini’s transformative experience at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, coupled with his foundational education in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Miami, equipped him with the strategic mindset and innovative approach that have been hallmarks of his career. Starting at DuPont and leading to the founding of Sientra Inc., Zeini has consistently demonstrated his capability to challenge the status quo and drive significant market disruptions.

Through the Hani Zeini Grant, Zeini aims to empower students who have a passion for entrepreneurship and a demonstrated financial need. His goal is to alleviate some of the financial barriers that students face in pursuing their educational aspirations. The grant is a reflection of Zeini’s belief in the transformative power of education to foster innovation and leadership skills.

In addition to his professional achievements, Zeini is known for his mentorship and advisory roles. By founding this grant, he extends his commitment to guiding young professionals and nurturing the next generation of leaders. The Hani Zeini Grant is not merely a financial aid; it’s a stepping stone for students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and make impactful contributions in their respective fields.

Overall, the Hani Zeini Grant represents Zeini’s philosophy of empowerment through education and his dedication to supporting and mentoring future leaders. It stands as an opportunity for students to embark on a path of growth, learning, and innovation, inspired by Zeini’s own journey and achievements.