Hani Zeini has accomplished himself as a prolific entrepreneur involved in the financial business sector. Hani Zeini is passionate about his work in the business sector and wishes that young American students are inspired by him and they carry on his legacy. He has instituted the most prestigious and impressive Hani Zeini Grant for all those young aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling hard as students to pay for the exorbitantly high costs of higher education in the United States.

Hani Zeini is well aware of the fact that every year passionate and ambitious young students’ flock to some of the leading business schools in the United States, hoping to master the art of creating new ventures that could change the world. Zeini believes that several students pursuing higher education wish to strike gold by introducing the next Apple, Facebook, or Google. However, the latest trend is that there are a steadily increasing number of B-school grads who are expressing their desire to pursue an unanticipated interest: transforming the financial system in the United States. Keeping this in mind, Hani Zeini has come up with this grant for the relatively less affluent students who are struggling to pay up the costs involved in acquiring higher education.

Hani Zeini Grant

The prestigious Hani Zeini Grant is meant for the most talented and deserving candidate who hopes to serve the financial business sector in the future. Zeini is hoping to motivate at least, one student every year with prize money of $1000, a one-time payment to support your efforts at gaining higher education and fulfilling your career dreams and aspirations. This grant is a gift-aid and you do not have to pay back the money ever. The grant has been introduced to help you in pursuing your dreams of becoming an accomplished healthcare business owner in the years to come.

Healthcare Industry

Hani Zeini is pretty keen about inspiring young minds to join and contribute to the his industry as he knows that by 2030, almost one-fifth of the American population would become 65 and above. There could be a massive shortfall in healthcare professionals and services to cater to the rising needs of the senior citizens. Hani Zeini would be awarding the most talented and really brilliant student with innovative and inspiring ideas for the future business service sector. The applicants would need to present a creative and original essay on How Are You Planning to Use Your Education to Revolutionize the Business Sector in the U.S.A in 21st century.?”

Please Note the Eligibility Requirements

If you are planning to apply for the Hani Zeini Grant, you need to furnish specific details.

The candidate must be a sophomore, junior student, or freshman currently having an enrollment in a recognized and accredited institution, college, or school. 

The applicant must write an excellent essay on “How Are You Planning to Use Your Education to Revolutionize the Business Sector in the U.S.A in 21st century.?”

Hani Zeini Grant Instructions

Amount: The Hani Zeini Grant assures a dedicated student aspiring to be a entrepreneur an amount of $1,000 that serves to be one-time monetary support to ease the financial crunch arising out of incredibly high education costs in the United States.

Deadline: All forms along with your essay must be submitted latest by 1st March 2021 at info@hanizeinigrant.com.

• The winner would be receiving a notification via email by 15th March 2021.

• The name of the ultimate winner would be posted on www.hanizeinigrant.com.

How to Apply:

You must provide and be transparent about all the data details while submitting your form along with an original essay:

First Name/Last Name

Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The accredited institution, university or college you presently are enrolled at.

Your existing GPA

Winner selection: Winner selection would be in terms ofmerit and performance. Hani Zeini would be informing him via an email. The proceeds of the grant would be sent to the winner.